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You may order PhycoTerra® by calling us at (800) 998-6536, sending us an email at, or clicking here.  Please contact us for details and current pricing. For more information on our products, please download any items from the tool box.


PhycoTerra® SDS Sheets

PhycoTerra® SDS Sheets

PhycoTerra® Label

PhycoTerra® Organic Animal Free Product Certification

PhycoTerra® Non-GMO Certification

PhycoTerra® Quality Testing Declaration

Heliae Agriculture PhycoTerra Organic

PhycoTerra® Organic
PhycoTerra® Organic is our OMRI Listed® and CDFA Certified soil amendment for organic farms. Working directly with the growers across the U.S. we have created a product that can be applied cost effectively by multiple ground application methods.


PhycoTerra® OMRI Certification

PhycoTerra® OMRI Canada Certification

PhycoTerra® Organic SDS Sheets

PhycoTerra® Organic SDS Sheets

PhycoTerra® Organic Label

PhycoTerra® Organic Animal Free Product Certification

PhycoTerra® Organic Non-GMO Certification

PhycoTerra® Organic Certificate of Organic Input Materials

PhycoTerra® Organic Certificate of Analysis

PhycoTerra® Organic Quality Testing Declaration


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