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PhycoTerra Soil Structure


Soil Structure

PhycoTerra® microalgae base helps soil retain moisture and improve drainage of all soil types. Soil aggregates become flocculated particles allowing for better water infiltration, soil drainage, and root growth.


PhycoTerra Roots Results

Benefits in a variety of

Crops, Regions & Soils

Powered by Heliae® Agriculture, PhycoTerra® is a sustainably produced soil amendment, that unlike other agriculture products, works to restore the natural quality of healthy soil and balance in the overall soil ecosystem.

Positive Impacts


Water Quality

  • Increased aggregation and soil structure
  • 6 times less soil particle run-off
  • Total dissolved solids reduced from “brackish” to EPA “drinking water” standards
  • Increased water retention

PhycoTerra Lettuce Comparison

Proven Results

Creating Healthy

Soils & Crops

Our products are pasteurized and batch tested for maximum product safety.

Tested by top Universities, researchers and growers, PhycoTerra® creates an environment that makes other fertilizers and biologicals better as a key contributor in tank mixes.

This soil amendment is proprietary technology that is 10x more efficient and has been proven on more than 40 soil grown crops.


Active Carbon
Water Efficiency
Natural Resilience to Crop Stressors


Marketable Yield
Shelf Life
Product Taste (Brix)

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