PhycoTerra® Product Launch

Heliae today introduced PhycoTerra® F1 and S1, a new family of agricultural products resulting from Heliae’s microalgae production technology platform and based on Heliae’s ongoing agricultural research and development program. PhycoTerra® products provide a source of nutrients to the natural bacterial microflora that associate with plants. Other aspects of how PhycoTerra® works with plants are being actively studied by Heliae. In phase one trials conducted in the summer of 2014 with Holden Research a statistically significant increase in utilization measurements for bell peppers that received PhycoTerra® and standard N-P-K by in furrow administration as compared to those plants that only received N-P-K.

PhycoTerra Jugs

PhycoTerra® is produced by Heliae’s proprietary microalgae growth platform, which allows the naturally occurring microalgae that power PhycoTerra® to be produced under controlled conditions. Heliae ensures that PhycoTerra® is formulated and subjected to quality controls to provide a product that has stability and other qualities that growers look for. Heliae remains committed to the development of PhycoTerra® for growers and is actively designing and conducting additional studies in peppers and in a wide variety of other plants including fruit trees, turf, and high value crops. Heliae is also engaging customers and other growers in conducting similar studies with PhycoTerra®.