Heliae® Agriculture

Solutions for Farmers

Heliae® Agriculture is proud to produce microalgae products for a variety of sustainable agriculture solutions. When adding PhycoTerra® or PhycoTerra® Organic to the soil, our products increase aggregation and soil structure as well as increases the yields of crops. Demonstrating promising efficacy in field trials nationwide and on a variety of crops our products, improve marketable yield, shelf life, product taste measured by brix, active carbon, increased water efficiency, and resilience to crop stressors.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are pasteurized and batch tested for maximum product safety. A soil amendment that is proprietary technology and 10x more efficient and targeted for agriculture it affords water efficiency and is ecosystem-safe. We have tested by top universities, researchers, and growers, and have proven results on more than 40 soil grown crops; creating an environment that makes other fertilizers and biologicals better.


Soil Solutions

Helping crop advisors and growers everywhere produce healthier soils and healthier plants. PhycoTerra® is a whole cell, all natural, pasteurized, algae-based product that is delivering solid value to both organic and conventional growers. Unlike other agriculture products, ours work to restore the natural quality of healthy soil and balance in the overall soil ecosystem. Providing you both conventional and organic options, our plan is to focus on doing what is right, not just doing what is better. Providing you both conventional and organic options, our plan is to focus on doing what is right – meaning, healthy soil, plants, people, and planet.

Vivid Differences

Our PhycoTerra® products demonstrate vivid benefits in a variety of crops, regions, and soils. Every batch is tested for efficacy and safety on crops. Assist in fruit longevity, yield, canopy growth, root health, and stress tolerance.

It is applied cost effectively by multiple ground application approaches, root drench and foliar solution. With our amazing team of Agronomists, we will work directly with you through the process of trials and start up to ensure your success.

Sustainable Strategy

A plan that focuses on doing what’s right, not just doing what’s better, means…

  • Healthy Soil
  • Healthy Plants
  • Healthy People
  • Healthy Planet

Our Products

Heliae® Agriculture provides industry-leading technology solutions for the agriculture industry. Using all-natural whole cell, non-GMO, pasteurized microalgae. Our scientists and agronomists collaborated directly with growers to bring you PhycoTerra®. We help farmers and growers everywhere increase crop production and get to market early. PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic are soil amendments, boosting your soil to increase microbiome enhancement, reduced soil erosion, increased soil carbon & nitrogen, reduced water use, and cleaner water run-off.