Heliae® Agriculture Builds Robust Sales Team

Heliae is excited to announce its new team for product promotion and sales of PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic. In 2017, Doug Ranno joined Heliae as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and has spearheaded the agriculture products into innovation and national sales. Bringing over 30 years of experience in the agriculture industry, from positions in retail, wholesales, food service, agriculture biotechnology, to a national branded grower shipper.

Doug has created a team of exceptional members ranging from experts Agronomists to experienced Certified Crop Advisors. Building the team to cover the map of our main territories focusing in the West, Central, and East, as well as providing a Cotton representative.  For information on contacting the sales professional in your area, please click here.

Heliae Agriculture Sales & Marketing Team



PhycoTerra® is a first-in-class soil amendment made with microalgae. Formulated by scientists at Heliae® Agriculture for both specialty and commodity crops, when applied directly to the soil they restore the soil microbiome and deliver multiple benefits allowing plants to thrive. This innovative product demonstrates: soil health, water retention, root development, plant health, product taste, early yield, and yield weight.

Shelley Baugh
Marketing Manager