Eric Lichtenheld Named President and CEO

Heliae, an advanced algae production technology company, has announced the appointment of Eric Lichtenheld as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Eric Lichtenheld, Heliae President

Eric brings nearly 35 years of experience in managing operations in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer products industries. Eric began his work with algae in the 1980s, pioneering work with Dr. William Oswald in algal raceway production systems. After leading production facilities for Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Tate & Lyle, Eric returned to the algae industry when he joined Heliae as VP of Operations in 2014.

Soon after joining Heliae, Eric was appointed COO and in December 2017, was named President & CEO. Eric completed a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan and earned an MBA in finance and operations management from Loyola University Chicago.