Leadership Team

Our corporate leadership team promotes a relentless pursuit of excellence, integrity, responsibility, and innovation. Operating from these values in partnership with our associates has allowed our corporate leadership team to establish a track record of repeatedly meeting or exceeding key milestones in building a dynamic technology company. Heliae’s team has secured over one hundred million dollars of investment from strategic investors that are associated with some of the world’s most successful companies. Our team has employed these investments to develop a production facility that is producing multiple commercial products backed by significant ongoing research. Notable among many recent successes, our corporate leadership team has overseen the launch of two commercial products, the large scale production of a cutting edge microalgae product for a contract research partner, and the launch of an international joint venture.

Eric Lichtenheld
President & CEO

Eric brings nearly 35 years of experience in managing operations in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer products industries. Eric began his work with algae in the 1980s, pioneering work with Dr. William Oswald in algal raceway production systems. After leading production facilities for Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Tate & Lyle, Eric returned to the algae industry when he joined Heliae as VP of Operations in 2014. Soon after joining Heliae, Eric was appointed COO and in December 2017, was named President & CEO. Eric completed a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan and earned an MBA in finance and operations management from Loyola University Chicago.

Dan Torre
Chief Financial Officer

Dan joined Heliae in January 2012, bringing over 15 years of experience including a variety of senior financial positions with a broad background in a wide variety of industries, including positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Honeywell. Dan graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Teresa Bock
General Counsel

Teresa joined Heliae in August 2015, bringing over 20 years of experience in regulatory, legal and compliance in the medical device, in vitro diagnostics and consumer products industries. She has held leading roles with bioMérieux, Inc. and Britax Child Safety, Inc. Teresa holds a law degree from Georgia State University College of Law and is licensed to practice law in Georgia, North Carolina, and as In-House Counsel in Arizona.


Mike LaMont
Vice President of Operations

Mike LaMont brings 20 years of experience to Heliae Development, LLC as the Vice President of Operations. Mike leads the company’s global operations, overseeing joint research & development and operations for production and advancement of Heliae’s microalgae based biological agriculture products. Mike has served the advancement of Heliae since 2013. Before being appointed as led of Operations, Mike worked in multiple roles from growth systems design to downstream processing to development project coordination. Before joining Heliae, Mike worked in derivative of the classic petrochemical industry focusing on smaller footprint, higher efficiency chemical processing. This ultimately led Mike to designing, building and operating a first-of-its-kind small scale gas-to-liquids pilot plant in Ohio. His time working in the EMSL at Pacific Northwest National Lab galvanized Mike’s belief in the power of cross functional, cross trained teams. Mike holds a master’s in environmental engineering from Washington State University, and a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from SD School of Mines & Technology.

Laura Carney
Director of AgScience

Laura has over 15 years of experience in field ecology and algae research from UC Davis, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Sandia National Labs. She began her tenure at Heliae in 2013 developing crop protection strategies for our large-scale algae cultivation systems. Laura now leads the Ag Science program where her team develops and screens algae strains for agricultural applications, aimed at improving plant growth, yield, and soil health.

Lori Wilder
Director of Human Resources

Lori brings over 20 years of experience in human resources and organization development to Heliae, including leading roles with Westinghouse Corporation, Simon & Schuster Publishing Company, Universal Technical Institute, and International Cruise & Excursions. She joined Heliae based on her passion for helping emerging, high growth companies achieve their business objectives by focusing on transforming and maintaining a high-performance culture. Lori holds a degree in Psychology from Millersville University and is a certified Senior Professional Human Resources Manager.