Heliae both seeks and welcomes opportunities to collaborate with industry and research groups whenever the project is aligned with our mission to create sustainable microalgae products and solutions to enhance soil, plant, animal, and human health.


Our partnerships range from traditional research collaboration agreements to the formation of joint ventures (JVs) for the development and operation of new microalgae production facilities, such as our Alvita joint venture with Sincere Corporation of Japan.


What sets Heliae apart in its collaborations and internal product development efforts is our stage gated approach to projects. At the outset of any project, we set milestones and deadlines for regularly assessing feasibility and outcomes. This approach maximizes likelihood of success while controlling project costs.


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In addition to conducting strategic research and development in support of our products and research collaborations, Heliae® also provides contract research and production services. Services we provide our partners include directed research efforts, consulting, and product supply.


Heliae® is always open to exploring mutually beneficial technology licensing opportunities. If you have a technology solution that may be of interest to Heliae® or believe we have a solution that could be beneficial to you, please contact BD@Heliae.com.

Heliae Collaborating