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Our founders named the company Heliae (pronounced “HEE-LEE-AY”) drawing upon the Greek words for the sun (Helios) and algae. In its first four years, Heliae operated as a small research and development spin out from Arizona State University, with our main focus then being biofuel production. With the introduction of additional investment and initiation of demonstration production facility construction, we redefined our organization’s mission. This period of refinement led to starting a string of successes in attracting investments, developing technology, and successfully launching sustainable and regenerative food and agricultural products.

At Heliae, our mission is to create sustainable microalgae products and solutions that enhance soil, plant, animal, and human health.


Heliae was founded in 2008, but the company established its current focus in 2012. What makes us unique is our ability to work in harmony to produce useful products through concurrently identifying, refining and employing biological, and technological platforms. A biological platform is any organism or set of organisms that produces a useful product or is used as a component of a process such as an environmental remediation solution. Once the biological platform has been selected, Heliae moves on to the technology platform, composed of two major components: the growth system and downstream processing.


Our scientists at Heliae focus on researching and developing microalgae for commercial scale production of useful products. Our long term vision is to create a world where microalgae has a vital role in supporting a healthy life.

Our Culture

Integrity and

Integrity and persistent innovation are the primary core values that define Heliae, a leading sustainable and regenerative agriculture organization. We relentlessly pursue and develop new and creative ways to overcome the challenges associated with advancing underdeveloped biological platforms. Our commitment to our values and integrity are reflected in the quality of our products, our open and honest communications, and our dedication to reliable scientific data.

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Our Technology

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Our development and scale-up facilities are second-to-none in translating lab success to full scale reality. Within 10 years, Heliae has blended biological knowledge with engineering prowess to produce three distinct reactor systems, and even more subsets. This powers our unique ability to match the biological strain needs to the reactor system capabilities, and in turn deliver the product traits of interest.


Our sustainable and regenerative agriculture organization currently employs all three reactor systems at its research and demonstration production facilities located near Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Because of Heliae’s ability to integrate multiple systems, our state of the art facilities allow for the controlled research, testing, and production of a wide range of useful products.