Providing proprietary Microbial-Based Products to improve the quality of all life.

Regenerative Agriculture

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Heliae, founded in 2008, is focused on creating sustainable, regenerative, products and solutions for our farmers, growers, agriculture innovators, and global caretakers. The proprietary microalgae products we deliver not only support the improvement of soil life but improves the quality of life and health for plants, animals, and humans.

Learn about Heliae, our mission, and our sustainable, regenerative agriculture products.


We create sustainable microalgae products & solutions that enhance soil, plant, animal, and human health.


Advancing Technologies
Proprietary Microalgae

Heliae is constantly developing, employing, and refining technologies. Our goal is to make obtaining useful products from microalgae a reality, because we believe in a sustainable future. Because our scientists’ focus has been on researching and developing microalgae for production, we believe we can create a world where microalgae has a vital role in supporting a healthy life.

Agriculture Solutions

Creating Healthy
Soils & Crops

Our product PhycoTerra® is a sustainably produced soil amendment. Unlike other agriculture products, ours works to restore the natural quality of healthy soil and balance in the overall soil ecosystem. PhycoTerra® boosts soil to create overall root health, canopy growth, stress tolerance, fruit longevity, and better yield.


Increase Active Carbon & Nitrogen


Microbiome Enhancement


Natural Plant Resilience


Water Retention

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Methodical testing, learning, and results by our hundreds of scientists, PhDs, and dedicated associates through the years.



Issued and pending patents that have led Heliae down the path focusing on a sustainable future.